Project Description


Zukunftsszenarien – Erkundung möglicher Zukünfte der Mobilität von morgen

The future is unpredictable - often less so today than ever before due to complexity and non-linearity. Nevertheless, the future does not have to be a coincidence.

Travel with me to the year 2030. What would the world look like? Which megatrends, driving forces and wild cards could unfold? What could these future landscapes mean for the mobility of tomorrow?

You learn how future scenarios are used in longer-term thinking and action to reduce uncertainty and structure chaos.

Based on your ideas we will identify the main drivers from different areas (technological, ecological, etc.). Based on their potential impact and unpredictability, we will develop several plausible and consistent scenarios. We will work in an interactive mix of theoretical inputs, creative-analytical rounds and joint discussions. The aim of this seminar is to enable you to pragmatically appropriate foresight thinking and scenario elements as tools for exploring possible futures.


Project Details

  • Zeitraum2022
  • AuftraggeberHochschule Furtwangen und der Universität Stuttgart