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Future strategies

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Future impulses.

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Future knowledge

Raising awareness of signals. Sustainable decisions. Future-proof action.

Develop a holistic understanding of your own system in interaction with dynamic drivers and possible upcoming upheavals. Sensitise yourself to serious signals without background noise. Recognise the key factors for fundamental change. Unlock untapped potential and create perspectives for future visions and strategies.

I accompany you so that your future becomes understandable, experienceable and designable for you.

With methodical expertise, international experience and a strong network.

Together we develop your future landscapes.

You are looking for an inspiring speaker for your event?

Expand your perspective and train your future skills.

Sound future knowledge with action impulses.

Our process

Action-oriented. Participative.

I support you by consulting, process support and implementation of holistic, strategic and innovative foresight projects.

The areas of strategy, scenarios, vision and innovation are closely linked. Depending on your concerns and framework conditions, it may make sense to combine individual elements. Together we can find out what is suitable for you.

For small and medium-sized companies and organisations in the public and civil society sectors, as well as leaders and teams.



How you benefit

Clarity. Assessment. Perspective.

  • So that your future can be understood, experienced and shaped

  • Transforming complexity into action.

  • Exploring different plausible futures

  • Awareness for weak and strong signals and possible disruptions

  • Seeing the changes ahead and seizing the right moment to make a difference

  • Develop ideas to make sustainable decisions and act now with an eye to the future.

  • Train future agility and anchor it in the long term

  • Long-term strategic framework and future-proof navigation

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