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Idea to impact.

Shape the future.

Do you have questions about the future viability of your company? You want to know what future developments are emerging in your industry and also globally? You want to learn from the future in order to make the right decisions today?

Strategic future scenarios.

Scenarios can be used as a basis for direct strategic decisions, strategy development, strategy review, innovation and concept development for projects. As visual stories, they can be experienced, understood and communicated by your employees, clients or members.

Your benefit

You are aware of current and future trends and developments

You know which drivers influence your organisation

You have gained clarity about different possible scenario landscapes of your terrain

They are open to the unexpected and able to create strategic orientation out of uncertainty and ambiguity

You understand how we can learn from the future to do the right thing today

Our process Scenarios

Success in 4 steps

A clear picture of diverse scenarios, strategic options for action and new systemic knowledge as a basis for medium and long-term decisions form the basis for a new and dynamic future strategy.

# 1

Understanding drivers of the environment

Interaction of trends and critical uncertainties with your business

 # 2

Upheavals and Wild Cards

Awareness for weak and strong signals

# 3

Forming scenarios and exploring strategic options

Visibility of new opportunities of the different future landscapes

# 4

Developing options for action

Action and roadmaps for strategies, vision or innovation

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Future vision. 

Your future vision supports you concretely in becoming clear about who you are and what you do, and above all about your uniqueness as a company or organisation. Visions provide an overarching navigation for decisions and for anchoring values in everyday life.

Identification with values. Navigation for decisions.

Your benefit 

You have developed the basis for an inspiring vision and know it as a goal and as a process

You are strengthened within the team and full of a spirit of embarkation

You have gained long-term orientation with the help of an overarching navigation system.

You have clarity about your values and your purpose and can anchor them in everyday life.

Our process Future vision

Success in 4 steps

For your strong and effective vision, your own assumptions about the future are reflected upon, a vision is developed on the basis of your true values and what really drives you, which represents the overarching navigation and inspires your employees for the departure in everyday life. The North Star as navigation for all entrepreneurial activities.

# 1

Setting the framework for the future vision

Reflecting on the challenges and drivers

 # 2

Uncovering deeper values and the Why

Bridge from the future to the now - take the tried and tested with you, let go of the old and create the new.

# 3

Developing a vision & image of the future

Inspiring vision that embodies meaning and power.

# 4

Setting out, roadmapping and anchoring

Overarching navigation of decisions and lived values that are anchored in everyday life.


Challenging the used future - setting off into the new now with 3 horizons